Naxalites arrested in Chowkidar murder case in Gaya


Gone. Saheb Sah father Chulhaya Sah Khuntika Sarai, wanted police station accused in the Naxalite organization, in the case of the former Chowkidar Raju murder case of Amas police station in Gaya district, was arrested and sent to jail by the Amas police on Tuesday. While in the same case in the same case, two other Naxalites have been arrested in the Amas police station case number 266/18, who are in jail in judicial custody.

Amas Police Station Officer Anil Kumar Singh said that on the basis of secret information, the said criminal has been arrested from his village. He was absconding since the murder. It is noteworthy that Raju Kumar, the watchman of Amas police station, was killed 2 years ago by Naxalites from his ancestral village Regania by taking them out of the house and taking them to the banks of the canal.

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