NAVRATRI: Restoration in Bhaktidham, Vaishnodwar worshiping girl


Navdha Bhakti continues the worship of Shakti festival amid the guidelines of Kovid-19

face. Gujarat’s Lokpavar Navaratri is definitely looking like a revenge this year due to the corona epidemic, but devotees do not see any significant decrease in worship of Shakti festival. However, his devotion is also reflected in the disciplined rules of the guidelines of Kovid-19.
The foundation of the Bhaktidham Temple was laid in the east direction of Swami Sureshananda Maharaj 35 years ago, under the inspiration of Bharati Maiya, the founder of the Ambaji Temple, Surat in Ambikaniketan, and now the restoration work is going on here in the corona epidemic with the help of devotees. In this regard, Chetan Agarwal of Bhaktidham Seva Samiti, Tikam Asawa, Yashwant Singh etc. said that even though the corona is obstructing the worship of Ashtabhuja Maa Bhagwati on the Navratri festival, there is no lack of reverence for the devotees. Recently devotees are visiting Matarani with social distance and masks, while they are also participating in the renovation work of the main gateway, gurusthan and mother’s building in the temple premises. It is worth mentioning that due to the large number of migrant Rajasthanis around the Bhaktidham temple located in Parwat Patia area, this temple is the center of deep faith among them and they are also associated in large numbers in the Bhaktidham Seva Samiti.
On the other hand, on the second day of the Navratri festival at Ambaji temple in Ambikaniketan, on Sunday, devotees also saw Matarani on the screen outside the temple from the projector. Garba celebrations have been postponed in the worship of Mother at night on the Navratri festival at Umiya Mata Temple in Dindoli, but the Aarti was organized with social distance and mask.

Devotees appeared to the devotees…

On the second day of Navratri festival, the Brahmacharini form of Maa Bhagwati was worshiped in the form of five little girls at Vaishnodwar in the citylight. During this afternoon, in the afternoon, aarti was performed after worshiping the mother Vaishnodevi in ​​the ritual of mother. After this, five small girls were worshiped by washing their feet and covering them. After serving Halwa-Puri to them, gifts were also given on this occasion.

NAVRATRI: Restoration in Bhaktidham, Vaishnodwar worshiping girl

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