Navratri 2020: stay away from these 5 things, like garlic and onion, know which diet to avoid


new Delhi. Shardiya navratri 2020. From today onwards, the festival of Navratri is being celebrated with full pomp and show in every temple, a large crowd of devotees of Maa Durga is being seen in every temple. During the Navratri, devotees worship the nine forms of Maa Durga and wish to remain prosperous and prosperous throughout the year. Because in this nine days, Durga’s abode of mother power resides in the earth. And by worshiping them for nine days, following the rules, the mother makes her devotee happy with her blessings. If you also want to please the mother goddess, then certain rules should be strictly followed. Let’s know what should be avoided during the time of Navratri.

How does diet affect our behavior?
According to the old torrents, it has been said that the way we take food has a particular impact on our ethics. Our cells are formed by diet. The kind of diet we consume, the same kind of behavior and thought is produced in us. Therefore, during these Navratras more emphasis is given to use satvik diet.

What things cannot we call a satvic food?
– Onion, garlic, mustard greens, mushrooms, meat, fish, intoxicants, stale food
What is satvik diet?
– Grain

– Milk items
– All kinds of vegetables
– Fruits and Nuts

Should these people have such a diet?
If you are very weak by nature and get emotional after seeing all the wrong things, then such people should definitely keep saving good and sweet things in this Navratri. Together, dinner should be avoided. If you are very angry, avoid onion, garlic and meat fish. If you are always under stress, then eat milk and milk products. Avoid mushrooms and tubers. If you are physically weak then eat more and more vegetables. Eat less grains. If you always have bad thoughts in your mind, do not eat meat, fish, onions, garlic, avoid eating lentils.

Why do satvik food in Navratri?
The word satvik is derived from the word ‘sattva’. It means, pure, energetic, full of simplicity, purifying the body and giving peace to the mind. It uses pure vegetarian things. People eat satvik food during Navratri. Along with religious beliefs, there are some scientific reasons behind it. Navratri festival falls in the month of October-November. During this period, after the arrival of cold weather, there is a sudden change in the environment, which directly affects our body. In this case, sattvic food is considered beneficial for health.


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