Nahargarh Bio Park: The pair of Tara and Kailash broke up


Male lion Kailash is no more
Medical board did post mortem
Cardiac arrest is being cited as the reason

The male lion, Kailash, who came to the Nahargarh Bio Park, which has become the tomb of wildlife, died today and left Tara alone. Kailash was brought from Jodhpur. Born in the cage, Kailash came to know the importance of freedom by coming here and his pair became with Tara here. Tara taught him to live in the forest and the two had support from each other. With the coming of both, there was also the possibility of increasing their clan, which is now broken. The pair of these two also remained a center of attraction for tourists visiting the Lion Safari at Bio Park. Lion Safari has Tejas, Tripura and Tara.

Send IVRI Samples
Kailash, who lives in Lion Safari, was four years old. According to the departmental authorities, Kailash was very healthy, after eating food at five in the evening, he started getting worse at around 6.20 pm, Kailash was treated for vomiting but he died today. The medical board of three veterinarians tested the bodies and took samples of various organs which have been sent to IVRI Bareilly. The medical board has described the cause of death as cardiac arrest. Nahargarh Bio Park administration has cremated Kailash.

Constant wildlife deaths
Even before Kailash in Nahargarh Bio Park, many wildlife have died continuously. Continuing deaths have left wildlife lovers shaken but have no effect on departmental officials. Let us tell you that the white tiger king has also died before this. On 4 August, the king died, his ureen was bleeding. Earlier on June 9 and 10, two members of the Big Cat family were killed in Bio Park. Tiger Rudra died on 9 June and Sher Siddharth died the next day on 10 June. Symptoms of the same disease were found in both. Both of them had stopped drinking in a similar way. The cause of death of both of them was believed to be a disease called leptospirosis, which is caused by the urine of mice and naval. Samples of both were sent to IVRI Bareilly from where their report has not yet come.
On September 19 last year, lioness Sujan, 21 cub cub Riddhi and on 26 September white tigress Sita were killed. Lioness Tejiki also died in Nahargarh Bio Park and the cause of his death was believed to be paralyzed. The white tigress Rambha and her two cubs also died in this way.

Role of physicians in doubt
Given the way animals are dying, the role of doctor and monitoring are already in question here. Departmental officials are constantly engaged in daubing these deaths. No action has been taken on any officer.


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