Myntra Big Fashion Festival made a bang | Myntra Big Fashion Festival made a bang


Bengaluru, October 17 (IANS). Myntra Big Fashion Festival, the biggest fashion shopping event of the festive season, is receiving good responses from shoppers across the country.

This fashion festival has started in a big way and on the first day it saw a crowd of 1.4 crore buyers. Compared to last year, it has seen an increase of up to 100% this time. Myntra Big Fashion Festival will run till 22 October.

So far 1.5 million customers have shopped here with great enthusiasm. 45 lakh items have been sold. On the first day, 150 percent increase in children’s costumes, 100 percent increase was seen in beauty and personal care.

About twelve million people were eagerly waiting for its opening from 12 noon on October 16. This is the biggest opening of any mega festive event till date.

Talking on this, Myntra CEO Amar Nagaram said, “Our Big Fashion Festival has started with a bang.” In the first twelve hours, 1.2 million people have made purchases, making it the biggest festive event in Myntra till date. We are delighted to have such an unprecedented response with two lakh new customers at the Big Fashion Festival.

He further added, this shows how unwavering customer confidence is on our platform for the best, convenient and safest buying experience during the festive season. Shoppers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and towns are now expected to be ahead of their counterparts in terms of shopping for fashion in this festive season.

The thing that attracts the most attention is that during the first day, during this time, Mantra’s app was downloaded five million times. During the launch of the event at midnight, 6.4 lakh users per minute joined it in a systematic manner.

Six million customers remained during this period, through which three crore products were short-listed. Ethnic wear collections also saw an increase of more than 100 percent compared to last year.

Now, in terms of sales, women’s western wear and men’s jeans and streetwear have taken the first place. The first hour saw the highest sales of veneer lime green and blue printed kurta and plazo.

Meanwhile, another highlight of the event was that the Myntra Mystery Box distributed 35 lakh coupons during this period, which is a big thing in itself.

Women’s brands like Veneer, Vishudh and H&M topped the event and preferred men like Roadster, Highlander and Pima.

Apart from this, women’s eyes were also on Aunk, Aks’s kurta and Mablin’s lipsticks.



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