Municipal corporation did not consider lawyer as Indian citizen


Answer given on information sought in RTI

Udaipur. Under the Right to Information (RTI), when a lawyer sought information in the Municipal Corporation, the reply was given that the lawyer is not an Indian citizen, in which case the information is unpaid. The corporation’s copy of this reply also became fiercely viral on social media and people were very tight.
Advocate couple Kishore Dasohra, resident of Bahubali Colony, Bohra Ganesh Road, Udaipur, sought information regarding two plots located at Hiranmagri Sector 4 under Right to Information Act. Dussehra said, praying for my client Umesh Sharma and applied under Right to Information. In response, the Municipal Corporation wrote that under the provision of the Right to Information Act, the right to receive information is only and only for the Indian citizen. The Assistant Public Information Officer of the corporation further wrote that the applicant is the advocate himself and the institution of the advocate does not fall within the definition of the word citizen. In such a situation, information is irrevocable.

Two and a half months ago, information was sought

I have not been informed in 30 days. The reply which was issued by the corporation on 7 October 2020 is also about two and a half months after my application, instead of giving information in that, the reply has been given not to consider the lawyer as an Indian citizen.
– Couple Kishore Dussehra, Advocate (Applicant)

Get a full check done

We will conduct a thorough investigation of the answer given on the information sought. Whoever is guilty of this will take action against him.
– Qamar Chaudhary, Commissioner Municipal Corporation Udaipur

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