Mukesh Khanna calls Kapil Sharma’s show Vulgar; Find out why he did not join the Mahabharata cast

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Mukesh Khanna always talks about her opinions. Earlier, the actor had strongly criticized Tiktok users. Kapil Sharma’s show has now been criticized by the powerful actor. It should be remembered recently, Mahabharata The team was spotted on The Kapil Sharma Show, But Mukesh, who plays Bhishma Pitamah, was not present. He refused to join Mahabharata He will re-cast the show in a comedy show as he finds the show vulgar and cheap.

Mukesh wrote in Hindi, “The question has gone viral, why was Bhishma Pitamah not in the Mahabharata program? Some say he was not invited. Some say he rejected it himself. It is true that Mahabharata is incomplete without Bhishma. That is. No invitation. It is true that the question of acceptance does not arise. It is also true that I was the one to reject the invitation. “

He further wrote, “Now it is also a fact that people will ask me how anyone can refuse a big event like Kapil Sharma. The biggest actors go there. Maybe they don’t go to Mukesh Khanna! Goofy (Paintal) asked me the same thing. After Ramayana, they invite you. I said, “You all go, I will not go. I refused.”

Explaining the reason behind his rejection, Mukesh said that the show seems cheap and vulgar to me. He wrote, “The reason is that even though Kapil’s show is popular across the country, I don’t think it’s a worse show. The show is full of filth, double-mindedness and obscenity with every moment. In which men and women dress, do cheap things and people have stomachs.” Hold on and laugh. “

He also mocked Navjyot Singh Sidhu and Archana Puran Singh, who appeared as special guests at the event. He said that even though his job is not to make people laugh, laughing pays him!

Vinod Mukesh Khanna remembered when Kapil broke up Ramayana Actor (Actor Arun Govil) attended the event. He wrote, “I will give an example. You will understand how bad the level of humor is in this show. You have all seen the Ramayana program before. Kapil asks Arun Govil: ‘You are taking a bath on the beach and someone in the crowd shouted,’ Ah, Ramji They also wear VIP underwear! What would you say? “

He further said that he saw a promo in which Arun Govil, who was walking around with an image of Shri Ram Ji, just smiled! The actor asked who could ask such a ridiculous question to a person whom the world has seen as Lord Rama. Mukesh further said that if he had been in Arun’s place, he would have stopped Kapil and that is why he did not go to the event.

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