Mousam: High heat in the afternoon, winter cold


Changing weather patterns in Gulab Nagar

Jaipur. Cold winds continue to change in night and day temperatures at nearby places including Jaipur. The temperature this morning was 29 degrees Celsius. In the past seven days, the morning temperature saw a drop of two degrees. However, the temperature rise continues in the afternoon. Due to strong sunlight during the day, people are in bad condition due to heat. At the same time, due to the drop in temperature at night, a slight cold is felt.

Key temperature

The maximum temperature of Jaipur in the previous day was 35.0 and the minimum temperature was 25 degree Celsius. Jodhpur recorded a maximum temperature of 37.15 and a minimum temperature of 26.6.

Now the temperature will come down
Meteorological Department Jaipur Center Director RS Sharma said that the monsoon has returned a few days ago. Now the season is slowly moving towards winter. Due to high temperature during the day, the sky remains clear. Day temperatures will also decrease due to wind. The weather patterns will change completely by the end of October.



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