More than 10 people will not be able to go to immersion


Collector issued restrictive order

Umaria. Collector Sanjeev Srivastava has fixed the maximum size of the pandal for the statue, Taje, by eliminating the restrictions mentioned in the earlier circular on the height of the statue, Taje, to be installed at various public places. Such tableaux will not be set up and exhibited in which crowds of devotees due to the narrow space, crowds of the audience will be formed and social distancing cannot be followed. Organizers have been instructed to make arrangements for the tableau venue to not gather crowds of devotees, spectators and social distancing should be followed.
The immersion of the idol will be done by the respective organizing committee, a maximum group of 10 persons will be allowed to take the idol to the immersion site. For this, the organizers will have to obtain written permission from the district administration separately. The district administration will select more and more suitable places for immersion so that there is less crowd at the immersion site. The decentralized system of immersion can also be considered in the District Peace Committee and the District Crises Management Committee. Keeping the Kovid transition in view, it will not be allowed to carry out the ceremonies for religious, social events. Mass walking ceremonies will not be allowed for immersion, and garba events will also not be held. It will be mandatory to follow the Guidelines issued by the court regarding the use of loud speakers. Traditional Shriram’s ongoing ceremony before Ravana combustion would be allowed in symbolic form. Programs of Ramlila and Ravana Dahan will be organized in the open ground on the condition of face mask and social distancing by the organizing committee with the approval of the collector. After October 15, the limit of the number of these events will be fixed by the district administration. In connection with the prevention of Kovid infection in public places, the use of devotees’ darshan face cover, social distancing and sanitizer in public programs of jhaksi, pandals, immersion events, Ramlila and Ravana combustion as well as instructions issued from time to time by the state government Will have to be strictly followed. Social educational sports, entertainment, cultural, religious, political programs can be organized only outside the Containment Zone.

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