Mike Pence, Kamala Harris, began the discussion of the vice presidency on Wednesday

This will be the first time in American history that a person of Indian descent has come to the podium to discuss the vice presidency.

Political analysts believe the 55-year-old Harris could easily beat the 61-year-old Pence during the vice-presidential debate and help her running, year-old runner Joe Biden extend his lead over Trump.

Biden has doubled his performance over Trump in recent days. However, the Trump campaign believes that Pence could come out with a great performance during the discussion.

The debate gained momentum as Pence raised the possibility of temporarily taking over the country’s states by infecting Covid-1 given Trump.

Also, many believe that Harris will be the real power in the Burden administration.

Both Pence and Harris said they were ready for an argument. This was done by USA Today’s Washington Bureau Chief Journalist Susan Page.

According to media reports, Plexiglas will be installed between Penn and Harris at the stage of the dispute.

“The debate over the functioning of democracy is crucial and I am honored to be a part of it,” Page said in a statement.

The discussion will be divided into nine sections of 10 minutes each, the Presidential Debate Commission said. The moderator will ask a preliminary question followed by two minutes for each candidate to answer.

The moderators will use the time left in the department for in-depth discussions on the issue, he said.

“We’re more interested in the vice president’s discussion,” Pence told reporters at the Andrews Joint Air Force base.

“The role of this election has never been greater, the choices have never been clearer, and I expect President Donald Trump to have another four years in the White House before the American people,” he said.

Pence spoke with Trump on the phone before boarding Air Force Two. “I spoke to the president a while ago and it felt good. As the American people understood a while ago, President Trump is going home tonight. So we’re going to Utah to discuss the vice presidency, “Pence said.

According to his aides, Pence is preparing for some controversy. Harris is already in Utah. On Sunday, Harris visited the Is Place monument, marking the end of a 1,300-mile trek to Utah during the early Mormon period.

The memorial tour, erected in 14474747, was led by Scott Howell, a former member of Harris’ Utah State Senate, and was explored by Native American, Mountain Maine, and Spanish Catholic priests before the settlement was established.

“The topic of discussion for the vice presidency can often be the exchange of ideas in the race for the presidency. But Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, along with President Trump at the hospital, will now have to face an unusual amount of scrutiny and a difficult balance, the New York Times wrote.

Former presidential candidate Pete Battingig said it would be a real mistake to underestimate Pence’s skills. Butigig is naturally helping Harris prepare for the debate.

“In 2016, it was very effective. Also, if you look at his debates in 2012, when he was standing for the governorship, it would be wrong to underestimate that person.

Mainly because many of us don’t mind giving him a gift, even if it flies in terms of his own claims, “he told Indianapolis Magazine in an interview.

This story has been published from the Wire Agency feed without altering the text. Only the caption has been changed.

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