Mask provides great health support, along with Corona, relief from many other problems

The doctor told, getting better results….

Singrauli. In the Corona period, although the mask is being used in the district under compulsion, but the mask has protected the people from the corona, so it has also relieved the people from diseases related to allergies. Allergy problems have also come down in the district due to the use of masks for a long time.

Doctors are of the opinion that even though there is an urgent need to protect the mask from corona, there are other benefits also. With this in mind, doctors suggest adopting a positive attitude towards the mask. It was revealed that in the months of September and October, a large number of allergic patients have been coming to the district hospital.

This time the number of allergic patients has decreased due to the use of masks for a long time. This is the second major benefit of the mask. Dr. Rahul Pathak of Baidha District Hospital believes that due to the use of masks, this time the number of allergic patients who come to the hospital in September-October has decreased astonishingly. Seeing this, they insist on including masks in their routine even after the Corona period.

The use of masks also protects allergens and respiratory diseases as a good sign. He said that in areas with dangerous pollution like Singrauli, people should make use of masks their habit when exiting the house. They will get a lot of benefits in the long run. He said that due to changing weather in the past years, the number of allergic patients used to be high in the district hospital in September and October.

But this time due to the use of masks by people, the number of allergic and respiratory patients has decreased by 20 to 30 percent in these two months. This is a positive sign of leading a long healthy life in a polluted area like Singrauli. Therefore, if people include the masks used for protection against corona today, then they will be able to live a healthy life for a long time.

Avoid these people too
Dr. Rahul Pathak told that mask has been in use continuously for some months. People can protect themselves from allergic diseases like asthma, tuberculosis and pneumonia by regular use in future also. He said that regular use of the mask significantly reduces the risk of pneumonia, tuberculosis and asthma. Therefore they believe that people should make a habit of using masks when they get out of the house.

Do not make false assumptions
Dr. Rahul Pathak dismisses the notion that the person’s respiratory system is weakened by prolonged use of masks. He said that the assumption of a weakened respiratory system due to prolonged use of masks outside the home is not correct. He opines that people should use good quality masks while living outside the home. Old people, boys and women should not be negligent in this matter. By doing this, people of Singrauli can live long healthy lives even in challenging environment.



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