/Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskzier says Harry Maguire will return after a difficult time. Football News

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskzier says Harry Maguire will return after a difficult time. Football News


Haley Maguire will “bounce back” at the start of the season, but will not be hurt on Saturday’s Newcastle tour of the Premier League, says Ole Gunnar Solskzier. The 27-year-old, the world’s most expensive defender, fought for Manchester United after a Greek court document in August. Gareth was sent off on Wednesday in the first half of England’s 1-0 defeat to Denmark in the Nations League – just days after helping Southgate to a victory over Belgium. “Harry Belgium has become a member of the number one rated England team, it’s just a normal day and then you get headlines when you get offline when you send,” Solskzer said.

“It’s just football for you. There are a lot of ups and downs that we had to deal with individually and as a group.

“Harry got a lot of flexibility. I know he’ll come back. I know he wants to play, he’s got to get out of his way since he was criticized in the last two games.”

The United boss told a pre-match press conference that Maguire had been “knocked out” against Denmark and would take a fitness test on Friday.

United head to Newcastle, expecting a 6-1 back-to-back reaction at Tottenham’s home side before the international break.

“One of them is that you have to get in control as soon as possible and move on,” Solscare said. “We know of no small opportunity from the outside … you want to create a department.

“I think Bruno (Fernandes) has spoken really well about how we’re together the other day. We have to stay together. We can’t listen to everyone outside. We were able to move on.”

Speaking for the first time since the club brought in Edinson Cavani, Fassundo Palestri and Alex Telis on the transfer deadline, Solskjer said: “I’m looking forward to bringing in new players.

Kavani is yet to join the team as he is still in jail.


“All three are different from what we have and they will definitely come in and help us,” said United boss.

“I think this group is also looking forward to joining them.”

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