Luis Suarez gave Atletico Madrid the lead in the Celta Vigo win but Diego Costa was injured before the Bayern Munich Test. Football News


Atletico Madrid beat Seattle Vigo 2-0 in La Liga on Saturday as Luis Suarez partnered Diego Costa for the first time and scored. But the Suarez-Costa combination started early as Costa was injured in the second half. Sitting in the stands, Costa was seen with his face in his hands, and he was stumbling even after the final whistle was blown. He is now expected to miss Atletico’s Champions League opener at Bayern Munich on Wednesday. Let Teleco climbed to fourth place, two points behind opening leaders Real Madrid and Barcelona after the victory. Celta, meanwhile, have won just one of their first six games and are 13th.

It was a much-needed victory for Atletico after a back-to-back goalless draw after an early 1-1 win over Granada.

Suarez made his debut that day. Granada came off the bench to score twice while already down and out, but his early strike turned the game against Celta, until Yannick Carrasco came in second from injury.

Diego Simeone had set aside Suarez and Costa as substitutes for each of Atletico’s first three games, but he paired up on the bench of Joao Felix from the start in Balidos.

Last month, Costa predicted they would be a handful together, “well, one will bite and the other will kick.”

There was a flicker of chemistry, with Suarez missing a second-second chance through the Costa Creek that caused him pain in his lower leg.

“It’s important because of his career and what he did at Atletico,” Suarez said. “Never before have we tried to adapt to each other.”

Felix was also impressed when he arrived, and in Costa’s absence, Folix will provide a more structured, less resilient, foil for Suarez.

After replacing the half-injured Costa Post, Felix had a curling shot that hit the bar, allowing Carasco to return.


Earlier, Suarez put Atletico ahead in the sixth minute and 20-year-old left-back Manu Sanchez picked him up with a clever pull-back.

Lucas Torrera also made his debut. Uruguay signed a loan from Arsenal, who are enthusiastic and tidy in midfield.

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