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Liverpool’s Premier League title was heavily attacked on Sunday amid reports that the Dutch defender could miss the rest of the season. Virgin Van Dijk should undergo knee surgery. Van Dijk blared after a shocking 2-2 draw from Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford in the Merseyside derby on Saturday. Liverpool said in a statement that the knee ligament in the middle was damaged after the fall of blues goalkeeper Jordan Pickford six minutes later at Goodison Park.

“The van disc needed to be replaced and further investigation into the injury showed that surgery was necessary.

“No specific timekell is given after his return to action at this stage.”

Van Dijk has been instrumental in Liverpool’s resurgence under Jurgen Klopp since the then-world record was moved to 75 75 million for a Southampton defender in January 201.

With the Reds winning the Champions League in 201 and ending a 0-year wait to win the league earlier this year, the two-year-old has been playing in every league for the past two seasons.

“I don’t know how many games Virgin played for us,” Klopp said. He plays with pain, he plays everything, but he couldn’t play. That’s not good, “said Klopp.

Prior to Van Dijk’s arrival, Klopp’s time in the field was reduced to a defensive contraction.

Now without opening the window again until January, without taking a chance to sink into the transfer market, the Germans must settle the big hole left for their defense.

Manchester City center-back Merrick Laperte has a knee injury similar to the one he suffered at the start of last season.

While not a resident of France, the city’s defending championship paved the way for Liverpool to move up 18 points in the league.

Van Dijk’s absence was sidelined due to a shoulder injury from goalkeeper Alison Baker.

Apart from Brazil’s bowling, Klopp’s men have won the last two matches nine times. That includes a 2-2 insult as an Aston Villa two weeks ago.

In the controversial derby at Goodison Park, Everton scored twice from headers, highlighting the damage to Van Disk’s dominant aerial presence.

England international Pickford somehow escaped punishment for his dangerous slap on Van Dijk’s knee after the two collided on his previous post.

Liverpool have asked the Premier League for an explanation for their use of the VAR because not only was Pickford ruled out, but Jordan Henderson’s late winner Sadio Mane was denied a suspicious review.

Klopp was also unhappy with CK’s second reckless Everton challenge, which gave Richardson a straight red card to knock out Thiago Alcantara.

The Spanish international was able to complete the game, but has also been sent for a scan to find out the extent of the knee injury.


“When I left the pitch, Thiago told me in a red card situation with Richardson that I thought he was injured,” Klopp added.

“We’ll see if that’s true, but if he thinks so, then we should see.”

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