Learn why Chirag Paswan praises PM Modi Said – never forget the honor of the Prime Minister


  • Political mercury on the 7th sky in Bihar Assembly elections
  • The war of words between BJP and Lok Janshakti Party continues

new Delhi. While the political parade of the country is on the seventh sky with respect to the Bihar Assembly elections, the verbal war between the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Lok Janshakti Party is not taking its name. On Sunday, LJP President Chirag Paswan, instead of attacking the BJP, bridged the praises of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Chiram Paswan said that people feel that I have crossed all limits to apply butter by praising the Prime Minister, but I know that when Papa’s health was bad no one was with us, except the Prime Minister. There was a Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who was standing with us and used to call Papa at least twice a day. In such a situation, how should I forget the honor given to us by the Prime Minister.

Talking to a news channel about breaking away from the National Democratic Alliance, Chirag Paswan said that father had said that why are you getting scared by going alone. See, in 2005 I had no fear of anything and I went alone. So don’t be afraid, you are still young. In this case, why are you bothering yourself by holding meetings again and again. Chirag Paswan said that before separating from the NDA, we were constantly holding parliamentary board meetings. Chirag said that father used to say, don’t be afraid to walk alone if you are right. Have faith in yourself There should be no regrets in tomorrow. If you feel that you should take a decision then take it immediately.

Speaking to a news channel, Chirag Paswan said that I remember very clearly that on that day when Papa was on ventilator and I had to decide to stay with the NDA or to separate, I was very upset. Could not even talk to my father. In such a situation, I could not understand what to do. Then the mother said that you go to your father and share all the things with him. They will listen and understand you.



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