Lawyer’s son used gunfire to sabotage parents, both died


Bareilly. In Bahroli village under Meerganj police station in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh, the son of a lawyer shot dead his retired teacher’s father and mother early this morning. In the morning, the lawyer son first abused the father who was doing pooja in the house and as the matter progressed, both the father and the mother riddled him with bullets.

Due to this, the elderly couple died at the scene. According to the police, there seems to be a prima facie property dispute between father and son.

According to the police, elderly couple Lalta Prasad Gangwar (76) and his wife Mohini Devi (70) were worshiping in the morning, during which accidental son Durvesh came and started abusing them both. Due to which the elderly couple died on the spot and the accused rose from nine to eleven. Senior Superintendent of Police Rohit Singh Sajwan Police Force
Arrived at the scene with

According to SSP Sajwan, the accused Durvesh Gangwar was unhappy with the elderly parents over property sharing. He said that lawyer Durvesh lived with his wife and children in the Teachers Colony of Mirganj. The accused son felt that the parents had given more property to his brother Umesh and he supported him in every way.

Sajwan further said that Durvesh reached the village at five in the morning and scuffled the first Bhajan-worshiping father Lalta Prasad and mother Mohani Devi. He then shot and killed them both with a gun.

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