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Barcelona lowered their first points of the season as Sevilla drew 1-1 in the La Liga title race at the Camp Nou on Sunday. Luke de Jong gave Sevilla an early lead and Philippe Coutinho equalized two minutes later, while the visitors had a good side in the competition. Ronald Koeman’s perfect start as Barca coach has left him undefeated, so he probably won’t be so upset, even if his team is likely to win. “We were less energetic than the first two matches but it also depends on the opposition,” Common said. “He’s a good defender.”

Real Madrid is three points ahead of Barcelona. But a 2-0 win over Levante on Sunday sent him to the top of the table with another match.

Goals from Vinicius Jr. and Karim Benzema sealed the victory for the defending champions, who have now won three games on bounce.

Neither Madrid nor Barca are expected to be busy on the last day of Monday’s transfer window, as both clubs have found themselves financially constrained by a coronavirus epidemic.

But some players were allowed to leave and Comman left Osman Dembele on the bench to realize that his team was looking for a winner.

Common preferred to bring Francisco Trinco and Pedri forward.

Dembele would later be asked, “Things can happen.” “Right now he’s a Barca player, let’s see. With one day left, players can come in or go out.”

Antoine Griezmann also offered a very low left but more time will be given under the leadership of France’s Coeman.

Zukain Zidane dismissed Luca Jovic on the bench and was not brought forward, but he is expected to stop after Borja Mayoral moves to Rome.

Barcelona failed to respond to the short corner and then failed to clear, so De Jong put Sevilla in front for eight minutes and the ball landed well to crush the striker.

‘We had to suffer’

But, the lead lasted less than two minutes. Lionel Messi’s brilliantly curved ball from the top bounced off Sevilla’s defense, blocking Jesus ’name but the resurgence only wrapped up Coutinho to the end.

Messi sent a bending shot to the post so far and Ansu Fati hit the goalkeeper straight away but Sevilla had the upper hand.

Barcelona struggled to get out of the back due to Sevilla’s high press pressure and Ronald Araujo scored his own goal as Joseph N-Nesri’s left-hander was stopped.

Both Trineco and Pedri must have been won by Common and Thrinkao after Messi took a late leap. But Sevilla goalkeeper Bono gave his side a place to qualify.

Manrid, meanwhile, recorded a third clean sheet in four games and sealed the victory for Levante after a late finish by Vinicius and Benzema.

“We had to suffer,” said Zinedine Zidane. “We had a chance to end the game in the second half and so it would have been different. We had to suffer a lot because they had a chance too.”

Based on his successful statement for the last term, Zidane’s team has become a defensive juggernaut after his stubbornness and flexibility.

Levante have won just one of their first four games, and the defeat meant they slipped into exile.

Vinicius gave Madrid the lead after 16 minutes when Levante could not clear the corner and Brazil bowled quietly.

He would have made these two but overheated the pass for Benzema and then Levante left Nicole Vukwick behind on the crossbar and almost realized some hesitation of Thabat Cortitis.

Levante found it difficult to cope with Madrid’s pressure, and Benzema and Vinicius scored in a dangerous situation when they won the ball twice.


Sergio Ramos also scored the main goal but both Levante Clarke and Enis Berdy tested Cortois.

Instead, Benzema tore from the break at the time of the injury and secured a definite victory.

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