Kisan Credit Card: You can take benefit of KCC scheme from home and can increase the limit, know the complete process including application

Kisan Credit Card: The government is running a number of schemes with the aim of providing financial assistance and income to the farmers. Among these, Kisan Credit Card …

Kisan Credit Card: The government is running a number of schemes with the aim of providing financial assistance and income to the farmers. Among them, Kisan Credit Card is also a best scheme through which loans are given to farmers at affordable rates of just 4 percent. The government has simplified its process by collaborating with banks. The main objective of the Kisan Credit Card is to provide easy loans for agricultural operations including fertilizer, seeds. Farmers can visit the nearest bank to take advantage of this scheme. The entire process of application will be done in the bank itself.

For Kisan Credit Card Application Form here Click Do the

4 percent interest rate
The central government gives loans to farmers at 4 percent through the Kisan Credit Card. The farmers get this loan at the rate of 9%, on which the government gives subsidy in interest on repaying the loan. After repaying the loan, a subsidy of 5 percent is put into the account of the farmer. That is, the farmer only has to pay interest at the rate of 4 percent.

What is the maximum loan available?
The loan is calculated according to the land available with the bank farmer. The farmer must have sufficient land for loan. Loans on land are calculated per hectare. You can contact the nearest bank for more information.

Can increase loan limit
The State Bank of India has provided a major relief to the farmers. Now any farmer who has a Kisan Credit Card (KCC) can increase or decrease his limit at home. The country’s largest lender SBI has launched a new facility on Yono Agriculture called Kisan Credit Card Review or KCC Review Option. Farmers will no longer have to travel to the bank branch to apply for amendment in their credit card limit. SBI has said that the option of reviewing KCC on Yono Agriculture will help farmers to apply in just four clicks from the comfort of their homes without any paperwork.

Necessary documents
1. Application form
2. Identity proof copy (Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID, Driver’s license, etc.)
3. Address proof
4. Land Documents
5.Passport size photo
6. Supporting documents such as Security PDC on request from the bank

How To Apply For Kisan Credit Card
– For a farmer credit card, one has to first go to the nearest bank. Here, you have to apply for KCC by going to the loan branch in the bank. Necessary documents have to be filed by filling the application form. After the loan approval by the bank, the loan amount comes to the account. Loan approval can also take up to 7 days.

Apply online like this
First you go to In this website, the option to download KCC Form is given on the right side of the Farmer Tab. Download the form from here and fill it after printing. After this fill the form in your nearest bank and submit it. Once the card is ready, the bank will inform you and send the card to your address.

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