Kaun Banega Crorepati 12: Runa Saha is getting a place on the hot seat without playing ‘Fastest Finger First’.


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Contestants in the ongoing 12Th KBC has made history by going to the hot seat without playing ‘Fastest Finger First’ in the Kaun Banega Crorepati season. Thanks to all Amitabh Bachchan. Runa Saha from Kolkata started playing the game on Thursday’s episode and has been trying to bring it into the game show since it started, but in vain.

She revealed that her countless failed attempts made her a butt of jokes. The 43-year-old then said she decided not to inform her family at an early stage this year until she was interviewed for the event.


Runa was the last contestant after Mr. Bachchan started the game with three contestants at the event on Thursday. When she started crying without going to the hot seat and seeing her emotional state, Big B invited her to the hot seat. The entrepreneur who became a housewife fell down once again while sitting on the hot seat. The host as well as her daughter and husband consoled her.

Big B tells her that the time to cry is now over when she is offered her tissue. Runa told the actor that she has vowed never to watch TV again or to promise God if she doesn’t sit on the hot seat.

Residents of Kolkata started a small sari business after her husband told her to make money if she wanted to donate. Runa also revealed that her marriage took place at an early age and her ambition to make something of her own has always driven her.

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