Kaun Banega Crorepati 12: Amitabh Bachchan praises Karamveer duo for their social activities


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On the latest episode of Who will become a millionaire 12, Amitabh Bachchan welcomes Karamveer duo Gyanendra Purohit and Monica Purohit to the show. The couple from Anand Service Society, Indore has been working to support deaf and mute children since 1997. The organization is named after Mr. Purohit’s brother and was established after his tragic demise.

Gyanendra said that his brother inspired him to help children with special needs, the couple also revealed that they initially started an organization with only five children and helped them even when they had no support.

Who will become a millionaire 12

But after working in the field for 22 years, Gyanendra and Monica have taught more than 225,000 hearing and speech impaired students. He has supported more than 5,000 of his students for independent living. Mr. Bachchan was amazed by his selfless work and inspiring story. He praised them for their noble endeavors and kept on praising them for their great efforts during the game.

Big Bean requested Gyanendra Purohit and Monica Purohit to share their experience of running COVID-1P (epidemic) all over the country (or across the continent) and working during lockdown. Gyanendra revealed that he immediately decided to open his YouTube channel to try to inform about lockdown and epidemic diseases through sign language videos so that it would be easily available and available to all.

Amitabh thanked the Karamveer couple from Anand Service Society for their selfless efforts for the deaf and their sisters. He said the stories he has shared Who will become a millionaire 12 Will further help create awareness. Gyanendra Purohit and Monica Purohit won Rs 25 lakh which will go to their NGO.

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