Kangana’s reaction to depression on Ira’s video; It is said that it is difficult for the children of a broken family


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Recently on World Mental Health Day (October 10) Ira Khan was diagnosed with her clinical depression. On Monday, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut also went on Twitter and shared about her brush with depression. Citing a tweet with Ira’s video, she said it is difficult for children in a broken family to cope with depression.

Kangana Ranaut's reaction to depression on Ira Khan's video;  It is said that it is difficult for broken children

Supporting the traditional family arrangement, Kangana tweeted, “At 16 I had to face physical abuse, take care of my sister suffering from single Syd alone and face the wrath of the media, there can be many reasons for depression but usually it is hard to break Family children, traditional family arrangements are very important. “

Earlier, Aamir Khan’s daughter shared a video on her Instagram and talked about her mental health and how she is coping with depression. In the clip, she said she had been depressed for four years and is much better now after going to the doctor. She has also now revealed that she is now desperate to share her journey and hopes that she will understand herself better.

Word Mental Health Day Kangana's tweet

Word Mental Health Day Kangana’s tweet

Meanwhile, Kangana talked a lot about her struggles on the professional and personal fronts over the years. In this film, she has also played a character who is suffering from mental illness What is Judgmental On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, the actress urged her fans to watch the film and at the same time took the opportunity to give a slam to ‘Depression Key Shopkeepers’.

What is Kangana Ranaut on Judgmental

What is Kangana Ranaut on Judgmental

In a tweet, Kangana wrote, “The films we made to create mental health awareness were dragged to court that shop the Depression Key, the name of the film was changed before it was released after the media ban which caused marketing complications but it is a good movie, watch it today. “

Kangana wrapped up another schedule for Thangaivi

Kangana wrapped up another schedule for Thangaivi

At the forefront of the work, Kangana Ranaut recently hid another schedule from the southern film, Thalavi, A biopic on the late Jayalalithaa, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. A.L. Vijay is directed by Prakash Raj, Jishu Sengupta, Purna, Madhu, Bhagyashree.

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