Kangana replied after the FIR was filed, this was written on social media

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Orders have been given to file an FIR against famous actress Kangana Ranaut. The actress has been accused of inciting religious sentiments. The petitioners Munna Varali and Mohammed Sahil Ashraf Ali Sayya have demanded a probe against Kangana, citing some recent tweets.

Kangana Ranaut also posted on social media after the FIR’s order which is going viral. Kangana wrote in Instagram post- ‘Who is fasting on Navratri? I took these pictures today. I am also fasting. ‘

Actually, a person named Mohammad Sahil Ashraf Ali Sayya had filed a petition against Kangana in Mumbai’s Bandra court, saying that Kangana Ranaut through her tweet tries to create a quarrel with the Hindu and Muslim community in Bollywood. He also says that Kangana promotes hatred between the two communities. It is because of this application that Kangana is accused of promoting communalism, after which the Bandra court of Mumbai has ordered an FIR against the actress.

This person has quoted all the tweets of Kangana Ranaut which the actress had made in the past. An FIR can be lodged against Kangana under Section 156 (3) of CRPC. After this, Kangana Ranaut will be interrogated and further evidence will be taken if we get strong evidence.

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