Kangana Ranaut calls Bollywood production house file civil suit as gutter


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The Indian media’s coverage of Hindi cinema in the last few months has been criticized by many as highly sensational and defamatory. The main production house and four film associations have filed a civil suit in the Delhi High Court. The court has been asked to refrain from making defamatory comments against the news channel and others against the industry.

Kangana Ranaut, who is believed by many, is one of the irresponsible and poisonous commentators on her social media platform as well as through interviews on news channels who raised the issue of the movement of the brothers in Hindi films.

Kangana B-Town 'filed a civil suit as a gutter manufacturer

“The sewage of Bollywood medicine, exploitation, nepotism and jihad is off instead of cleaning the sewers. Bollywood Strikeback will sue me too, I will continue to expose you all as long as I am alive,” she wrote in a tweet. “Big heroes not only object to women but also exploit young girls. They give young people like Sushant Singh Rajput the opportunity to go to school at the age of 50. They never stand up. Even if injustice is done to people before their eyes.”

In another tweet, she added, “It’s an unwritten rule in filmmaking, ‘You hide my dirty secrets, I hide you.’ Their loyalty to each other is the only basis.” I have only seen a handful of these men since I was born. Film families run the industry. When will change happen. “

“I have been complaining of exploitation and bullying in Bollywood for many years. An actor has died. If the gutters in Bollywood are being cleaned under the pretext of Sushant’s death, why is it bothering me so much? I also have full information about it,” she added.

After the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Kangana has made many controversial statements and allegations. She sealed her allegations as Padma Shri and said that if she did not support her words, we would return the award to her.

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