Jwala Maa’s court glowed with seven hundred unbroken lights


Unbroken lamps of faith are shining in Jwaladevi temple of Durganagar

Vidisha In this festival of worship of Shakti, she is worshiped in various forms of Goddess. One of these forms is their light form. Along with the statues enshrined in many temples of the Goddess, her Jyotarupa is also being worshiped. More than 700 monolithic Jyotis are lit by devotees throughout Navratri at Jwaladevi Temple in Durganagar. According to these beliefs, people have lit lamps of pure ghee and oil. The entire Jyoti Darbar is illuminated by the aura of twinkling lamps. People do not forget to visit the Jyoti Darbar along with the sight of the statue. Similarly, other temples including the Jagadhatri Mata Temple in Nicasa and the Siddhidatri Temple at Lime Wali Gali have also been lit with unbroken lights in Navaratri. In the temple, the temple’s priests and servants make the lamp lighted by the temple’s priests and servants by lighting the lamp with them, but the people associated with the temple remain responsible for its entire glow for nine days.



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