Jungleraj and Naxalism removed from Bihar, changed: Nitish Kumar


Ara. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that by ending Jungle Raj and Naxalism, we established the rule of law in the state. Tarari was once the center of Naxalism. In the rule of Lalu ji, there used to be a backdrop of cannibals. After the formation of the NDA government, Aman Chain was established here. The Chief Minister said this at the Chununavi meeting held in Tarari on Sunday. He was accompanied by Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi. The two campaigned jointly to ensure the victory of BJP leader and NDA candidate Kaushal Kumar Vidyarthi in Tarari Assembly constituency of Bhojpur district. Thousands of local voters and citizens gathered to listen to the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister at the stadium located at Tarari Block Headquarters. They gave a grand welcome to both BJP and JDU leaders.

Addressing the public meeting, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that the electoral battle in Tarari is directly between the NDA and the grand alliance. There is no question of a third option here, so there is no need to be misled anywhere and the NDA candidate has to press the lotus button. Need to win from He said that the schools were strengthened here. Doctors and nurses were provided in the hospitals. The necessary facilities like power, water have been restored and the rays of development have been brought to the Tarai in 15 years. The Tari is on the path of development and now Its speed is not going to stop. The mahagathbandhan is desperate to once again bring Tarari and Bihar back to the same lantern era as the lanterns in which the hijacking became an industry.

Terror, murder, rape, extortion, loot and all these things reached the peak. The Grand Alliance is bent on stalling the development of Bihar but you need to be alert and alert. On October 28, on Election Day give your one precious vote to Kaushal Kumar Vidyarthi and press the button on the lotus sign to pave the way for peace and development in Tarari.

While campaigning for the voters of Tarari to ensure a spectacular and historic victory for the NDA candidate, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that if the NDA government was formed, by giving fifty percent reservation to women, they were given the opportunity to become public representatives in the Panchayati elections. Reservation was given to women and girls and the result is that Bihar has the largest number of women soldiers.

He said that under the Kanya Utthan Yojana, the girl students were given money and motivated them to pursue higher education. They started setting up engineering colleges in the districts and started instituting many institutions including medical colleges. Pul, Puliya, Road , Restore all basic facilities including health, education, water, and awaken the development of villages.

Addressing the gathering, Deputy Chief Minister of the state Sushil Modi said that all the grand alliance plans to stop the development of Bihar will fail and the NDA will get voters with a huge majority and bring them to power. He said that the husband and wife government pushed the people of Bihar under the shadow of fear and terror during 15 years of rule. Bihar was groaning for 15 years under the grip of Jangalraj. Now the Mahagathbandhan is once again seeking votes to bring Jungle Raj but the people of Bihar are determined to bring the NDA to power. The people of Bihar are not ready to bring the Grand Alliance to power.

He said that the Congress, which stood on the foundation of corruption and scams, RJD, symbol of Jungle Raj and the grand alliance of Male, which is carrying forward the ideology of Naxalism, is going to be demolished by the power of the people in this election of Bihar Assembly and NDA is going to get a huge majority. Therefore, there is no need to get into anyone’s words and there is a need to give full strength to make the NDA candidate victorious. NDA candidates and BJP leader Kaushal Kumar Vidyarthi, former MLA and BJP state spokesperson Sanjay Singh Tiger, BJP District President Dr. Prem Ranjan Chaturvedi, Deepak Singh, Janta Dal United were present on the occasion, including senior leader Manoj Upadhyay.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi, while addressing an election meeting at the Nayka Tola Maidan in Jagdishpur Assembly constituency, appealed to the citizens of Jagdishpur to win the Janata Dal United leader and NDA candidate Sushumalata by a huge vote. NDA candidate was present on the stage in the meeting.

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