Joe Biden: Donald Trump can do anything to hide his failures


Washington In the US Presidential Election, both parties are not hurting each other on tightening each other. Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden described Trump as a “joy in isolation and turmoil”. He says Trump can do anything to deflect his failures.

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During Friday’s election campaign in Southfield, Michigan, Biden said Trump’s policies on the Covid-19 had failed. Because of this, the country has to pay a heavy price. He said that hatred can only be hidden. If it gets oxygen then it starts to increase further. There is no place for hate in America from the President to the common people.

According to Biden, President Trump enjoys great isolation and turmoil. They have failed to stop the Korana virus. They can do anything to hide their failures so that the attention of the country deviates.

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The presidential candidate said he still lives in the dream world. They are constantly saying that the virus is going to disappear from this world like a miracle. Trump rallies about the Corona virus often call it Mamul Flu. He has recently recovered from infection and returned. At the subsequent rallies, they are telling the public that they are now feeling healthier than before. More than two lakh people have died in the US since Kovid — 19. The opposition is calling these statements of Trump extremely offensive.


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