Jitu’s allegation, said- the party that killed democracy made the police goon


Bhopal. Politics has intensified over the brutal beating of the police with the brother of Congress candidate Ravindra Singh Bhidosa from Dimani assembly seat in Morena district. Former minister and executive chairman Jeetu Patwari condemned the incident, calling it a dictatorship of those who killed democracy. Former minister Jeetu Patwari said that the BJP, which came to power by way of killing democracy in the state, has kept police goons. Those who work to suppress the voice of those who raise the voice of truth to disturb the common man.

Jitu Patwari issued a statement on Friday, accusing the BJP that in the last 15 years, the BJP, claiming to be the largest party in the country and the world, has brought mafia and goons in Madhya Pradesh. Those who complain first to the Election Commission try to suppress the voice of democracy by thrashing and hooliganism. The illegal weapons found from the four-wheeler of the police station in charge prove that in the last 15 years during the BJP rule, the police were spreading Gundaraj as a eater instead of a guard. Which has been seen once again for the last 6 months.

Taking a dig, he said that the Congress and Kamal Nath government broke the nexus between the police and the mafia and once again made the state an island of peace for the common people. In the last 6 months, it has been transformed into a mafia and Gundaraj, which has been running for 15 years. This is the reason that on the complaint of the Election Commission at the time of the election, the police brutally assault the brother of the candidate who is contesting the election with such hooliganism.

Jeetu Patwari said that the mafia in the state is foolish. The mafia, which is a business of poisonous liquor in Ujjain, killed many people, but the proceedings are limited to the suspension of the station in-charge.

The nexus between the police and the mafia, which the Kamal Nath government of the Congress worked to end, has started to flourish again. This is the reason that during the bye-election in Dimani assembly constituency of Morena district, the police brutally beat up the candidate’s brother, while on the other hand people are being killed by drinking poisonous liquor in Ujjain.

He asked the question, what is this police’s alliance with the mafia or not. Is the police station unable to keep an eye on the illegal activities going on in the area or has become incapacitated due to the preservation of power.

If the police department is not involved with the home minister of the state, then he should resign from his post immediately. Forgetting the basic mantra of “Desh Bhakti Jan Seva”, the police department is engaged in patronage of the mafia and BJP. It is like moving towards dictatorship by killing democracy. Which the Congress Party strongly condemns.

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