IT giants Wipro at 20-year high, know how much investors earn

new Delhi. While there is talk of a surge in TCS shares. At the same time, the discussion of Wipro, the other IT company of the country, is also very loud. In fact, Wipro shares are also seeing a tremendous jump. The shares of the IT sector giant are at the highest level after 20 years. On the other hand, Wipro shares have reached 52 weeks high in the trading session. At the same time, investors have also benefited. The company’s market has seen a boom of more than 11 thousand crores. Let us know that the results of IT companies are coming this week. According to experts, the second quarter results may be better than the first quarter.

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Wipro shares at 52-week high
Today the company’s stock has reached a height of 52 weeks. If the figures are to be believed, at 2.35 pm, the company’s stock is trading at Rs 333 with a gain of 6.39 per cent, ie Rs 19.90. While during the trading session, the company’s stock reached 52 weeks high with Rs 334.45. While today the company’s stock opened at Rs 315.75. Whereas in the previous trading session, the company’s stock closed at Rs 313.

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Shares of the company at the highest level of 20 years
Due to this boom, the company’s stock has gone to the highest level of 20 years. However, the company’s stock has not broken its 20-year-old record. On 22 February 2000, the company’s stock reached an all-time high of Rs 388.12. At present, the company’s stock has not been reached yet. According to experts, the company’s shares may soon see the biggest boom. This may be seen as the IT sector continues to boom.

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11,500 crore market cap increase
If you talk about the market cap of the company, then during the trading session, the market cap of the company has increased by Rs 11,500 crore. If we talk about the figures, the market cap of the company in the last trading session was Rs 1,78,877.96 crore. Whereas the market cap of the company has reached Rs 1,90,393.59 crore at 2.30 pm on Monday. If we look at the difference of the market cap of these two, it is Rs 11,515.63 crore.



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