Is Shah Rukh Khan wearing a beanie cap in the IPL? We know what he’s hiding from his fans


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We know you don’t stop at Shahrukh Khan’s new look, which saw superstar Benny Cap playing in Indian Premier League (IPL) matches. Shah Rukh was seen enjoying a cricket match with his son Aryan and daughter Suhana and his fans were overwhelmed after his photo went viral on social media. Now we know that SRK has a hidden reason behind playing beanie cap while winning matches in IPL. Do you know what it is? We’ll tell you!

SRK wants to keep your new avatar under wraps

SRK wants to keep your new avatar under wraps

Shah Rukh is going to give long hair for his upcoming film Pathan and we wonder if there is a reason behind SRK playing Beanie Cap?

Everyone knows how the latest release of SRK, Zero disappointed the actor. We wonder if the actor’s team is thinking of messing around with the superstar, they won’t let him reveal his new incarnation.

An insider shares some details

An insider shares some details

According to sources in Pinkvilla, “Siddharth Anand will be seen in the film in many forms and his hair will be long in one part of the action thriller. That’s why he has a reason to grow his hair at this moment.”

What about Pathan's shooting?

What about Pathan’s shooting?

When asked about it, the source said, “Initially, the film was planned to be shot in several foreign locations abroad. But now that (epidemic) has spread all over the country (or (epidemic) all over the country (epidemic) it will not be a viable idea. Therefore, they are still investigating. In some places where filming is easier. “

“But after all the security protocols, most of the shooting of this film will be done in Mumbai. Sets are being created and many high-end drainaline pumping stunts will be shot on the green screen. They wanted to go on the floor in October, “but now it will finally kickstart in November,” the source said.

Will John be on board soon?

Will John be on board soon?

Rumors have been circulating around the town of Tinsel that actor John Abraham has agreed to act as an opponent in the YRF’s cut. Siddharth Anand will be credited with making this film a blockbuster in the war in 2019-2019.

Rumors have also suggested that Deepika may join SRK and John, but nothing has been decided yet.

Well, we can’t wait for the official announcement.

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