Irrfan Khan’s son shared a photo of the grave of the late actor adorned with roses with a hearty tip.


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Irrfan Khan’s son Babil Khan recently shared an emotional post about the late actor, harshly criticizing netizens. Babylon posted a new picture of the late actor’s grave. The photo shows a freshly painted tomb decorated with red roses.

Babylon has named her picture with a beautiful message, “When a man is born, he is weak and pliable. When he dies, he is hard and insensitive. When a tree grows, it is tender and feeble, but when it is dry, Tough and strong, it is dying. Toughness and strength are the companions of death. Bravery and weakness are expressions of freshness. Because what is hardened can never win. “- Tarkovsky. Looking at ‘Stalker’ with you for my first essay three years ago , I’m watching ‘Stalker’ now for the last dissertation, like you stopped the movie with me from time to time, take it all in, you were teaching me back then, now I’m teaching myself, here’s to you, who never hardened, who forgave you and It belongs to the sensitive soul. ”

A few days back, Shekhar Suman in his tweet had suggested a white marble tomb for the late actor. The actor wrote, “This is the grave of the late actor Irrfan Khan. Does it teach anything about life? After getting publicity everywhere, international praise, you lie alone in a desolate grave. Wake up the industry and at least get this is a loving mockery on a white marble place?”

Earlier, when one of Irfan’s fans expressed concern over the late actor’s post, his wife Sutapa Sikandar replied, “Women are not allowed in Muslim cemeteries. So I have planted the Rat Ki Rani at Igatpuri where his memorial stones are.” … where I have buried his favorite things. I own a place where no one can sit for hours without telling me I can’t sit next to him. He is there in his soul. But this does not mean graveyard should not give trend .. but so far what is doubtful … wild plant grass has grown in the rain .. it is wild and beautiful which I have seen in the photograph you are referring to …. rain and plants come and Next season they die .. and then they can clean up. Why everything should be by definition .. and the purpose for which the plants are grown may be looked at closely. “

Recently, actor Chandan Roy Sanyal also visited Irrfan’s grave and shared a photo of his visit.

Irrfan Khan, who was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor for two years, passed away on April 29, 2020. Following his demise, his wife Sutapa and son Babil have shared many old memories of the late actor on their respective social media pages.

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