Initiative of district administration to make destitute livestock useful


Nahan. Livestock are reared as long as it is useful but as soon as it is no longer in use, it is left on the streets. In such a situation, the district administration has started efforts to make destitute livestock useful and increase income from them. On the initiative of the administration, in collaboration with the Department of Animal Husbandry at Mata Bala Sundari Gausadan, many products are being made from cow dung and they are also being sold in the market so that the foster can make a commercial profit and the Gausadan can become self-sufficient.

In this regard, Deputy Commissioner Dr. RK Paruthi said that at Sundari Gosadan, at present, five products are being made from cow dung. Like dung logs which will also be used in the crematorium, dummies are being made from cow dung which is being sold in the Snow Ira Shop. Apart from this, cow dung lamps, cow urine from cow urine, cow dung manure etc. are being made here. Its purpose is that people understand the importance of livestock. Paruthi said that plans are on to prepare another product Gau Panch Gavya soon.

The Deputy Commissioner told that there are 12 Gau Sadans in the district and now all such products will be started in Gau Sadan. This will make cow houses self-sufficient and will also solve the problem of destitute animals.

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