Infosys announces profit of Rs 4845 crore in second quarter


new Delhi. The country’s second largest IT company Infosys has released the second quarter (July-September) results on Wednesday. The company reported a 20.5 per cent jump in net profit in the quarter to Rs 4,845 crore. However, the company had a net profit of Rs 4019 crore in September 2019. The company has also announced an increase in salary after the second quarter results.

Increase in salary from 1 January 2021
In a statement issued by Infosys, it said that it will implement the salary increase and promotion from January 1, 2021. The company will implement it at all levels. Company CEO Salil Parekh said that in the December quarter (October-December), the company will also give special bonus to the employees. Apart from this, 100% variable salary will also be available.

Hiring of 16500 freshers this year
It is noteworthy that Infosys employs around 2.4 lakh employees. Employee pay increases will be the same as last year. In the year 2019, 85% of the employees working in the company got an average of 6%. It is to be noted that in the second quarter, the company has hired 5500 new people, with around 3000 freshers. The company is going to hire 16500 freshers this year, while the next year will also hire 15000 freshers.

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