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So far as Kings XI Punjab is concerned, their matches and losses are very thick and fast. For the franchise, which started with a bang, KXIP easily evaporated from the IPL 2020 points table, with four straight losses. Kolkata Knight Riders batted for Chennai Super Kings and secured a place in the top half. There will be another loss of KXIP

The rest are likely to return to the role of spoilers. They need a miraculous comeback, but their bowling makes it look very tearful.

KXIP has struggled to ensure that even two bowlers can come together in any match. In fact, during the last match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and the match against CSK, KXIP lost wickets in 322..5 overs with .5 34. runs overs. In Thursday’s match, KXIP also got some big thanks from the SRH batsmen.

But then the batsmen were dismissed.

With two out of ten points and four out of five losses, KXIP is still on the table.

Despite being in the K position, KKR is in a much happier position in the race for knockout slots. While it is still too early to make some radical calls about who needs to go, Kolkata are confident that there are some matches they can definitely win.

One of them could be against KXIP. While KKR’s batting was still on the entire park, at least they pulled Sunil Narine out of the opener. Rahul Tripathi took a brilliant stance and won praise from Shah Rukh Khan, but then the rest struggled.

With no one away from Tripathi, it is inconceivable that anyone is now a better opener than Naren and still ranked West Indian at Ian Morgan at!

There is no question that the seasonal Irishman needs to arrive at, have enough time to settle and then lead the attack. Before that, with his predecessors like Naren and his successor Andre Russell, he just doesn’t seem to attach the bat to the ball.


The bowling was against CSK who didn’t really shine with the batting.

K.K.R. Pat Cummins would love to have early success, but he can’t really complain because the bowler is stuck at his job.

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