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IPL 2020, DC vs CSK, Delhi Capital vs Chennai Super Kings Face-off: Shreyas Iyer vs Karna Sharma

DC vs CSK: Shreyas Iyer’s contribution to batting has been huge for Delhi’s capital.BCCI / IPL

Shreyas Iyer has become the captain of IPL 2020 and his batting contribution has made a huge impact for the capital of Delhi. He should top his skill set on Saturday as the tracks worn at all three centers are making batting progress, especially in the second innings. No matter what Chennai Super Kings’ Legi Karna Sharma said here, it was impossible for Iyer and the rest of the DCs to bat. CSK have won most of the IPL 2020s but won the last match, where Sharma was dominant, they will be competitors.

Sharma was not in the initial CSK bowling plans but he made it happen and since then his consistency has shown that it has become a regular affair.

He has four wickets in three matches and a goal economy of 8.00. It all doesn’t look very impressive but as soon as spinners from all the teams come to the fore, Sharma will also be a counted force.

As an Iyer, he led the initiative. With 298 runs from eight games, DC wants a large number of captains. He has scored 135.45, so there are no complaints.


Iyer has won six of the eight matches in the Delhi Capital and the board will get more points and hope to further strengthen its position at the top half of the table. Karna Sharma and Chennai Super Kings will have different views on this.

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