Indian Premier League 2020, Royal Challengers Bangalore v Delhi Capital: Ravichandran Ashwin ‘Mankad’ Aaron Finch not. See | Cricket News

Ravindran Ashwin, the non-striker in the Delhi Capital match against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Dubai on Monday, finally gave up the chance to knock out rival Aaron Finch. 197. RCB needed a good start from openers Finch and Devdutt Padikkal in the chase. In the third over of the innings, Ashwin was given an attacking position and on the fourth ball of the over, Ashwin ran towards his run, he turned his hand but he did not recover the ball as he saw striker non-striker Finch coming out. His crease before the ball is delivered.

Ashwin paused before releasing the ball and warned Finch to stay at his crease.

The Delhi Capital off-spinner has a history of ‘standardizing’ batsmen – he brought Rajasthan Royals’ Jose Butler out at the end of the non-striker in the IPL 201 run, which caused some controversy.

Before the end of the season, DC coach Ricky Ponting had hinted that ‘mancading’ was not entirely in the coach’s franchise, but that Ponting and Ashwin had talked about the controversial method of dismissal.

Later, Ashwin revealed the content of his chat with Ponting. Potting, who then suggested a ten-run penalty for the batsman who tried to steal on the field, called it a “fraud”.


However, Ashwin’s conversation with Ponting on Monday evening may have stopped the work from being dropped from the rules of the game.

Ashwin got the batsman at the other end, but in the same over, Padikal blocked Marcus Stoinis’ ball deep inside the wicket.

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