Indian Premier League 2020: Ravindra Jadeja two days ago when Patel Ksar Patel predicted his six hits on Instagram. Cricket News


IPL 2020: When Patel Ksar Patel predicted six-hit two days before beating Ravindra Jadeja

IPL 2020: Amber Patel’s big performance in the last over helped Delhi Capital beat Chennai Super Kings.राजधानीDelhi Rajdhani / Twitter

In the final over of the Delhi Capital match against Chennai Super Kings on Saturday, Patel often hit three sixes to give his side the 17 runs they needed to win the over and climb to the top of the points table. However, before this feat, the all-rounder had changed to ‘Nostradamus’ on Instagram. When Ishant Sharma responded to a comment on a post, Ishant asked Akshar to hit more sixes, to which Akshar replied, “Your time will come (My time will come)

After Delhi’s win over Rajasthan Royals last Wednesday, the actress posted a photo of herself celebrating the wicket with teammate Shekhar Shikhar Dhawan.

Ishant lied and criticized: “I want some sixes from you Bapu

Jashija may have often responded to the joke when he entered to bat to face Jadeja in the final on Saturday, but when he started batting to face Jadeja, he got a chance to thwart his predictions.

Dhawan needed 15 off five balls when he struck out Axar. He hit sixes in the second and third innings with sixes each but sealed the game for Delhi and then finished off the field with a second off the fifth ball.

Delhi have scored 14 points from nine matches and have settled the last four.


Dhawan’s unbeaten century (101 not out) and the contribution of Shreyas Iyer (23) and Marcus Stones (24) helped Delhi to a 180-run partnership for the wicket of batting-friendly Sharjah.

Delhi’s next match will be played on Tuesday, October 20 at Kings XI Punjab.

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