Indian Premier League 2020: CEO says Chennai Super Kings will not change if Dwayne Bravo’s result Cricket News


With 17 runs needed in the final over, Chennai Super Kings skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni gave the ball to Ravindra Jadeja at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium on Saturday. It looked like another trick of the talisman, but it was later revealed that it was decided to put pressure on Dhoni as Bravo injured his thigh. Speaking to ANI, CSK chief executive officer Kasi Viswanathan said reports would come by Sunday evening, after which the extent of injuries could be ascertained and all-round work hours would come.

“We’ll get the reports by this evening and then the team management will get a good idea of ​​how much Bravo’s injury is worth. So far all I can say is that it could be two matches or two weeks,” he said.

Asked if the unit is actually likely to be replaced in two weeks, the CEO said it is unlikely. “I don’t think the possibility of a change at the moment is an option because if a new man arrives he has a period of neutrality for him before he joins the rest of the team. We can’t ignore that. If Bravo is out in his replacement. But first we hope Bravo Not out and the injury isn’t big, ”he said.

The decision made a lot of sense as according to a report on Sunday, although he has been sidelined for more than two games and CSK has requested a replacement, the player could be available as soon as possible in the match against Royal Challengers Bangalore on October 25.

Speaking after the game, Dhoni made it clear that he would have to choose between Jadeja and Karna Sharma in the final over in Bravo’s absence. “Bravo wasn’t fit, he went out and couldn’t really come back. That’s why we had to bowl (Jadeja). There was a choice between Karna and Jadu so I went ahead with Jadu,” he revealed.


Explaining the injury, coach Stephen Fleming said: “Unfortunately Dwayne Bravo was injured. So the last over could not be bowled, it is a death penalty. The way our season is going, they are facing challenges. Jadeja had no intention of bowling at the time of death, but we had no other choice as Bravo was injured. It was good for us to create a situation where we had to work hard and turn it around. ”

“He looks like he’s got the right sound injury. Of course it’s serious enough to stop him from coming back on the field. He’s really disappointed he couldn’t bowl in the last over. It’s very good for the team he’s in. He needs to go ahead and re-evaluate At this point, you may imagine that it will take a few days or two. “

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