If you want development, then BJP candidates should win: Narendra Singh

Morena BJP workers’ conferences were held on Monday in the three assembly constituencies of the district regarding the by-elections to the assembly to be held in the coming days. Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar was specially present in these conferences. At the conferences, the Union Minister called upon the workers to get together in the by-election. Today activist conferences were held in Morena, Sumavali and Jaura assembly constituencies.

The conference of BJP workers residing in Morena city concluded at Panchayati Dharamshala. While guiding the workers on this occasion, Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that now the time has come that we should join hands to win our candidate. The public has seen the misrule of the Congress. But in spite of this, we have to reach out to the public. He said if Raghuraj Singh Kanshana would have to win if Shivraj Singh had to strengthen his hand. On this occasion, the State Micro Micro Industries Minister Om Prakash Sakhalecha, former Minister Rustam Singh, Munshilal, District President Yogeshpal Gupta, former MLA Shivamangal Singh Tomar, Assembly Convenor Shri Ballabh Dandoutia, Assembly In-charge Abhay Chaudhary, Corporation Chairman Anil Goyal etc.

The conference of workers of Sumavali Assembly was held at the residence of PHE Minister Aindal Singh Kanshana. Thousands of people were present in the conference. Here, Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar in his address pledged to win Aindal Singh Kanshana by a huge vote. Tomar said that Kanshana’s victory will determine the future of the BJP government. Former MLA Gajraj Singh Sikarwar along with Ramnaresh Sharma, Hamir Patel, KD Dandoutia, Dilip Mishra etc. were present on the occasion.

Similarly, the workers’ conference of Kailaras and Pahargarh divisions in Jaura assembly constituency was held. Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, who was present as the chief guest on this occasion, told the workers that the next month’s by-election is the clock for the examination of the workers. We and you all have to pass this test. Addressing the workers, he said that whosoever nominates the party will be the candidate of the party and the worker has to work to make it victorious without pandering. Tomar said that there will be no loss of worker respect. Activists were present on the occasion including Rewa MP Janardan Mishra, former MLA Durgalal Vijay, District President Yogesh Pal Gupta, former MLA Subedar Singh Razodha, Anup Singh Bhadauria, Kamlesh Kushwaha, Ajab Singh Sikarwar, Prakash Tyagi etc.

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