"If it breaks, there is no difference in the roles I have played in it", Says halal love story actress Grace Anthony


Halal Love Story is the latest addition to Amazon Mazeon Prime Video’s Malayalam comedy-drama catalog. The film shows the process of filmmaking and with perfect comedy time the film has become an out-of-the-way entertainer. The audience has shown immense love for the film. Grace Anthony faces challenges in realizing this persona.

If it breaks, it won't make any difference to the roles I played, says halal love story actress Grace Antony.

The actress says, “In this film, I had to act as a person who didn’t know how to act. Sometimes it comes out and sometimes it goes beyond.” Grace goes on to say, “I’ve never experienced this before. Usually when I make a film, I have to act very well. Here, I have to act very well. So it was a tough job.”

Adding to the challenge, she says, “I was very confused at the beginning and wanted to get used to the character. It wasn’t the role I usually play. It was important to find out how I could play a different role. The next time I had to act like the ‘actor’ Suhara in the movie Halal Love Story. The meter is a very thin line, if it breaks there is no difference in the roles I have played. It was very challenging. ”

Halal Love Story stars Inderjit Sukumaran, Jojo George, Grace Antony, Parvati Thirvothu, Soubin Shahir and Sharaf U Dheen. The film is directed by Zakaria Mohammad and co-produced by Aashiq Abu, Harshad Ali and Jessna Ashim.

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