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If Hemant is there, there is courage in criminals and middlemen: Babulal Marandi


Dumka. The people of the state have suffered due to the misrule of Hemant government. Within a period of 9 months, the people of the state have started seeking change. The first Chief Minister Babulal Marandi said these talks on Wednesday by holding press talks. He said that in the by-election, the public will show the trailer of change. This by-election is a battle of development versus corruption and atrocities. If Hemant is there then dare Hai’s slogan is Cody nonsense slogan. If Hemant is there then there is courage in criminals and middlemen. Marandi said that the ordeal of criminals has increased continuously in the CM’s Assembly Barhet. The honor of sister daughters is being looted publicly in the Hemant government. The entire state including the Santhal Parganas is frightened.

In Barheet police station, there was a show-off in the name of action against the police station officer who abused the Dalit woman and assaulted them. Instead of suspending, the station in-charge was posted in Musabani. The police department has tried to cover up the incident at the behest of the state government after the rape of a minor Adivasi girl in Pathana in Barhet. He demanded immediate suspension of the police station officer there. In the ruthless murder of a descendant of the heroic martyr Sido-Kanhu, the case of the government is looted.

When the BJP delegation met the Shahid family and demanded a CBI inquiry into the murder, the government quickly followed the investigation under pressure from the BJP. In Sacks, the businessmen and SI are killed by criminals in broad daylight. They said that if there is harmony then dare it is all nonsense. He further said that the grains are rotting in the godowns and starving to death in the state. The public is plagued by mismanagement of hospitals in the Corona epidemic. People are forced into expensive treatment in private hospitals.

The Santhal Parganas remained the epicenter of JMM politics since the time of Bihar and Jharkhand. Despite this, people are forced to die due to lack of hospital and medicine. The current industries are shutting down, but the transfer industry is flourishing. Recently 6 DSPs are transferred. But it is stopped under the pressure of the middleman. This episode suggests that CM is a more powerful middleman. The state government is unable to construct a new road. Even the pit failed to fill.

Marandi said that it is a battle of false declarations versus public welfare. The erstwhile BJP government of the state did historical work of development in the state. Plans of development dedicated to the village, poor, farmers, youth and women have been put on the ground. The government, which is stinging the ding of employing youth, has not been able to give jobs to 9 youth in 9 months. In contrast, the youth were given to the BJP government. Efforts are on to snatch the job too.

Babulal Marandi said that the Maha Alliance has cheated the public by showing the beautiful dreams of Mungerilal, the people will equalize it in the by-elections. This fight is a fight against democracy versus familism. The people of both the regions are bored with the family orbit. There is a restlessness among the people of Santhal Pargana that in the entire Santhal Pargana only one family members are spreading their legs. People here are worried about what will happen to me when the same family stays everywhere. JMM will never take forward any people from the Santhal community outside that family.

Dedicated JMM activists are discouraged today. Both parties have disconnected from the public and have been reduced to a special family. He said that this election is a battle of aman chan vs extremism. Today, extremists are spreading their legs fast again. Whereas the BJP government had completely cracked down on the militants. He said that today the public is asking what happened to the debt waiver of the farmers. What happened to the schemes for employment and empowerment of women for the youth. He said that industries are closing down, criminal incidents are increasing. He said that this by-election will change the fate and picture of the state.

In response to a question, Babulal Marandi said that the opposition leader’s fight is no longer there. The battle is now for power. The BJP now accepts nothing less than power. BJP candidate Dr. Luis Marandi, BJP state cum media in-charge Ashok Baraike, Dumka assembly in-charge Satyendra Singh, district president Niwas Mandal, district media in-charge Ajay Gupta, Om Keshari, Pintu Agarwal etc. were present on the occasion.

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