Identifying the village with Kadamb trees, the villagers consider the tree to be God


Identifying the village with Kadamb trees, the villagers consider the tree to be God

Peepalu (R) Sundiphal is a village in the Chaugai Panchayat of Piplu subdivision area, which is identified as Kadamb village. Where many trees including Kadamb pairs are of Kadamb. Rameshwar Vijay of the village said that due to the Kadamb trees, his village is known as Sundiphal, which trees are said to be very useful for their health, including religious significance, but the people of Vishnoi society Just as the Kadamb trees are considered to be God, they do worship and at the same time, there is a strong voice of Amrita Devi to protect them, even if the trees are cut off, they are always determined to give life like an animal. Where a tree is cut, no one can even cut a branch.

Presently, a committee of villagers has also been formed to conserve these trees. Badrilal Jat of the village, Chaturbhuj Jat said that years ago, the elders had planted a pair of Kadamb, the very favorite tree of Lord Krishna from the Braj region of Vrindavan, to wish for peace and prosperity at the religious place situated in the traditional water source Nadi Peta.

Whose seeds have planted hundreds of peepal, neem and indigenous acacia trees, including Kadamba, around this place, of which Kadamba is the highest. Due to this, the people of the village stepped into this forest area and called the pulse as Kadamb pond. In this dense forest, unbroken light has been running for years on the platform of Kadamb Baba, while chugga water system for live animals is operated on the Chugga platform.

This system is being edited under the supervision of the Kadamb Development Committee. Where the Ramcharit Manas in Navaratri, unbroken Hari Kirtan is organized with the wish of public welfare. The area is spread over a 15 bigha area. There are more than 800 people from around 147 families residing in Sundiphal.

There are Anganwadi centers, upper primary schools for education, to nurture the development of the navy. The route from village Sundifal to Panchayat headquarters Chaugai is a rough bumpy road. The people of Vijayvargiya, Jat Bairwa community live in the village. The main occupation of the villagers here is farming and many people live in Piplu, Lava, Jaipur for earning livelihood. The main occupation is agriculture and animal husbandry. The main crop is wheat, millet and milk production. There is a temple of Thakurji in the village. The place of main faith is the location of Kadam Baba.

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