Identify fake news, photos, videos or profiles like this


Here are some free online tools for you, with the help of which you can identify fake news, photos or videos.

These days, there is a flood of fake content on social media which includes news, photos and videos. In such a situation, a question arises in front of the common user, how to identify fake news, fake social profiles or fake photos and videos. For this some tools have been made which can answer most of your questions. Here are some free online tools for you, with the help of which you can identify fake news-

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Spot the troll
This tool has been developed by the Media Forensic Hub of Clemson University. This is a special quiz in which you are shown 8 real social media profiles and you are asked whether they are real or fake. After every answer, you are shown their analysis, so that you learn to recognize fake profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter within the scope of your social media. You can see this tool here-

Bad news
This special game has been designed by a group of academics, media experts and journalists. In this game you learn how the evils of fake news continuously increase your number of followers. With this game, you learn how to increase your popularity on social media with six tools – Emotion, Polarization, Impressionation, Conspiracy, Discredit and Trolling. See this tool here-

Scam spotter
If you want to know how to avoid scam then this tool can be of use to you. There is also a quiz given for you, which tells you how much your chances of getting caught in a scam. This website is based on the text message scam. It is said that the common online scams are based on shopping, romance, good news and bad news. I know-



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