Ian Morgan says senior KKR players who don’t have titles should take the lead as well as cricket news

England’s World Cup-winning captain Eoin Morgan believes that “leaders without degrees” are just as important if a team decides to travel in the right direction in terms of their greatness. Morgan, who plays a key role in the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) led by Dinesh Karthik, is expected to do well in the first three weeks of the Indian Premier League. So is he voluntarily giving inputs to the captain as a nominated international captain or is Karthik waiting for him to come to him as a sounding board?

“I think it’s done really well so far. I think DK and Brendan McCullum have done well on the team,” Morgan told PTI in an exclusive interview.

“On the side of the rest of the players, we have a number of senior leaders who play unnamed roles.

“And it plays an important role in the team because when senior players other than the captain, coach and vice-captain lead or take direction or make decisions, the rest of the team will have clarity.”

KKR are currently fourth in the points table with six points for their three wins.

“Moving forward is so powerful that the abstract things spoken of by great teams are created. It’s all beneficial when you feel the moment of your sacrifice, your sacrifice. So far we’ve done it,” Morgan said.

An Irish man who has established himself as an honorary captain and has led one of the most diverse cricket teams in the world to glory, Morgan enjoys the multicultural fabric that brings players from different backgrounds, different languages ​​into the IPL’s dressing room. Lasting memories.

“I think the game is always fleeting but when we play the game we have the language we speak.

“It’s very appealing to see people talking about cricket in different languages ​​in the change room, and their aim is to understand the language of people who don’t know the language and get a summary of what they’re trying to achieve.”

Like many others, Morgan, 34, acknowledged that the evolution of franchise cricket has brought players from different walks of life closer together in a dressing room environment.

“… The evolution of franchise cricket has entered a changing room with a different culture that is probably easier to jail in a different language or two or three different languages.”

The English cricket fraternity, which seven-eight years ago viewed the IPL as a “think tank”, acknowledged that it was now the most sought-after player in the genre.

“I don’t think I’ve played in the IPL in the same seasons as I did last season. The England player is coming now and the England player is coming seven or eight years ago.

“Because now some of the players who play in our England shirts have been tracked down. Jose Butler, Ben Stokes and Joffra Archer, these guys have a real chance of becoming MVPs every year.

“The English player so far has come to the level of opposition and there is a level of confidence because of some struggle and the reluctance of the English players to come.

“It’s a completely different aspect,” said Captain Morgan. We love coming to town.

With 22,440 runs in TT T20 internationals, Morgan has become one of the lowest end-game players. He has consciously developed this batting order of batting.

“I think, over the years, I’ve always wanted that, and in your career, probably at a young age of 20, especially in international cricket where it’s very difficult, the standard is always high and always is. Resist everything you try to do.

“The more you play, the less bad or common mistakes you’ll make. Gold is worth the experience to lose weight, and most of the time I’ve gained the most experience in the last two and a half to three years,” he said.

Asked about his batting role in the KKR line-up, Morgan said it was “flexible” depending on the situation and the opposition.


“I would say that at the moment there is flexibility in the middle order, depending on which team we play and what kind of attack we face.

“Different batsmen adapt to different bowlers and DK and coaches are very good at reading which way to go in that direction. We have a lot of options that are flexible.”

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