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Manchester United were thrashed 6-1 by Tottenham Hotspur as Jose Mourinho returned the dream at Old Trafford. Behind Manchester United was Shamolik, especially the captain and the most expensive defender in the world, Harry Maguire. The Manchester United captain was everywhere and possibly still thinking about his off-field issues. His teammate Eric Bailey was just as bad in the match as he was not limited to Maguire for defense. However, an incident occurred during the match. After Manchester United took a 1-0 lead, Maguire saw his own defender Luke Shaw pulling down the box. This allowed Tangyu Nombell to equalize Tonchum, leaving David de Gela behind from close range to break the loose ball.

See Maguire tug at his own teammate who is also under pressure from Eric Lamela.

Fans flooded Twitter and brought some fun memes to troll the Manchester United defender.

Manchester United’s post-2011 defeat was even worse. It could be wrong for Manchester United to send someone a red card to Anthony Marshall in the previous half. But before returning, United’s defense Maguire had six overs and seven fifties.

Manchester United spent around ० 1 million for Leicester City in 2017 – serving Maguire – a defensive world record, but the center-back has reduced it to a minimum.

Sunday was the field day for Son Heng-mi and Harry Kane against Manchester United. Both finished sixth in the Premier League tennis tournament.


After the match, Ole Gunnar Solscare said it was “the worst day” for Manchester United’s manager, but that he could get into more if United continued to defend against the Spurs.

After three matches played this season, Manchester United have lost two groups, won one and are 16th in the table.

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