Half the population: will have to face the situation firmly, well here, girls trapped in the ditch

  • Ankita Jain, author of the novel ‘Aisi-vasi aayat’, writing on social and female issues

Now the games of Madari, nut-nutty, became old. At first he looked good. Natni moves forward, stepping on a thin rope tied between two bamboos. For this he needs a lot of patience and concentration. Just distracted that she fell. The same situation exists for girls studying away from home or doing jobs. Especially those who have been sent with thousand instructions. Those who are not allowed to peek here and there apart from studies, there is absolutely no problem to buy. But if trouble itself arises? If someone wants to fall behind, if he or she does it? Now Eve Teasing has also become digital.

After porn trolling on social media, misuse of pictures, blank calls etc. if the girl complains to the police, the family members show their eyes. ‘Yesterday the boy took hostility and did something wrong? We will not be able to show our face anywhere. Did you send me to do all this? Come back home.। As soon as such things get into the mind, the girl turns her back from the police station.

Anything wrong with daughters, such words of parents, instead of giving them courage, also breaks their courage. The police also do not listen easily. If you seek help from a male friend, then people who are eyeing like an eagle, provoke the family members that your girl is having an affair with a boy. What should a girl do in such a situation? Change your way or hide yourself in seven locks?

‘Here well, there are moats,’ perhaps this saying may have been made for girls only. They try their best to concentrate and walk like a nut, but there are innumerable elements to break their concentration and make them fall.

While technology has increased weapons in the hands of Eve-teasers, girls will also have to strengthen their protective shells to escape. Parental trust and emotional support are the biggest protective shield for girls. The second protective shield is to become physically and mentally strong. Defense training and alert training.

The third and final protective shield is administrative precaution. The police should be alert to such incidents, get into action immediately and take necessary steps so that crime can be prevented before it escalates.



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