Googles prevented the biggest Didos cyber attack ever | Googles prevented the biggest Didos cyber attack ever


New Delhi, October 17 (IANS). Google has stated that cyber security threats such as distributed vinyl-of-service (DDoS) are increasing rapidly globally. These are damaging the business and user confidence of all sizes.

The tech giant has revealed that its infrastructure thwarted the high-bandwidth 2.5 Tbps Didos attack in September 2017.

Google said in a statement on Friday, despite the targeting of thousands of our IPs simultaneously, the attack had no effect on us.

The attacker exposed 1,80,000 CLADAP, DNS and SMTP servers at 167 Mbps (millions of packets per second) using multiple networks to dodge.

The company further said, it indicated the attackers were well-equipped as the attack was 4 times larger than the 623 Gbps that occurred on the Mirai botnet a year earlier. It was the highest-bandwidth attack ever.

Didos attack unnecessarily disrupts the victim’s service by increasing traffic. However this attack does not expose the user’s data and also does not ask for compromise. But if the system blockage is not removed quickly, it causes the user’s trust to be lost.

Google also said that attackers are constantly developing new technologies to disrupt the system.

Google said, we can estimate the expected size of future attacks. So we need to be prepared for unexpected things.

The company recently announced Cloud Armor Managed Protection that enables users to simplify their deployment, manage costs, and reduce the risk of application security.

Google said it is working with others in the Internet community to identify and eliminate the infrastructure through which these attacks were carried out.




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