Golgappas made at home, enjoy eating with family

Desk. Who does not like to eat Panipudi. Everyday, Pani Pudi of the market can also harm you. In such a situation, you can eat Panipudi at home and eat it.

– Add semolina, maida, salt, soda and oil in a bowl, then add lukewarm water to it and knead the dough.
Cover the prepared dough for 25-35 minutes.
After this, knead the dough once with hands and knead softly and then divide it into three parts.
– The dough should neither be too hard nor too soft.
– Then roll out a portion of the dough completely.
– Now press the lid of a bottle on the rolled flour and separate the round balls.
– Cover these prepared round gaps with a cloth or else they will dry up.
– Cut gol gappas from the rest of the balls.
– When the puris are ready, then heat the oil by placing a pan on the heat.
Then fry the puris in it. Keep the flame low, otherwise the round gossips will not become crappy.
– When Golgappas are ready, then keep them in an open vessel for 3 hours, so that they become firm.
– If some gol gappas are not bloated, then they can be used as papadis.
When puris are ready, serve them by adding sweet, salty water and potato chaat.

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