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Peter Sagan won the tenth round of the Giro d’Italia on Tuesday after Mitchellton and Jumbo-Wishma were forced to withdraw before the stage due to a positive Covid-1 test. Portugal’s Joao Almeida wore the leader’s pink jersey in Milan on October 25. Sagan, who set out for Bora, ended his 2019 Tour de France drought.

“I won with my style, putting on a show!” Sagan, 30, said.

“We were on break all day, my legs were fine, and I went uphill alone before carefully descending the slope, and then full gas in the last kilometer.”

With four positive tests, Mitchellton ran 177 km. Jumbo followed him before the start of the stage and after a positive test by Dutch competitor Steven Kreuzwisk.

Cruisevic, who finished third in the 2011we Tour de France, returned a positive test with Sunweb’s Australian Michael Mathews.

“We’re trying to keep the situation under control,” said Mauro Vegni, director of the Giro race.

“All the teams that had positive events this morning have new quick tests and we will do the same tomorrow. So far we have taken about 1,500 tests and it is still impossible to do.”

Sagan, the most successful driver in a palanquin with three world medals to complete a stage-winning set on three major tours, France, Italy and Spain, achieved his first success at Giro.

The last k0 km. In the distance the Slovaks attacked several times. In the end, Brandon McKinney of the United States broke the 12-kilometer road from the last line.

10 km from Finland. Dennis Jacob Fugelsang suffered his biggest defeat of the day after suffering a puncture in the distance and losing a minute to rivals.

The 17th 176th Piloton, which started the race in Sicily on 3 to 3 October, was reduced.

The Mitchellton team said they were informed of four positive results for “staff members” following tests conducted on Sunday.

“Following the results, Mitchellton-Scott quickly removed his team from the race and focused on the health of the riders and crew and their movements,” the team said.

– ‘I feel fit’ –

Brent Copeland, general manager of Mitchellton, added: “As a social responsibility on our drivers and employees, we, the pilots and the race organization, have made a clear decision to withdraw from Giro Alitalia.”

Copeland said those who tested positive would live with “useless or mild symptoms” and the rate of detachment would go up among them.

Mitchellton, who became the first rider to test positive for the Covid-1 for in the Grand Tour, was already shocked when Britain’s Simon Yates withdrew on Saturday.

Yates, who finished 21st in the phases on Saturday, is likely to win. The coronavirus tested positive on Friday after a mild fever.

The announcement of Jumbo’s complete withdrawal was followed by another blow to Cruiseviz. The top five finishers in all three Grand Tours have lost this year’s Tour de France due to a knee injury.

“In the team, we take a lot of measures to prevent contamination,” said the Dutchman, who has no symptoms of the virus.

“I just feel fit. I can’t believe I got it. It’s a big disappointment to understand this news. It’s a pity I should leave Giro this way.”

And Tim Sunweb added that the now isolated Mathews are “therapeutic, healthy.”


Due to the positive tests, the future of the three-week Giro will last almost two weeks and now there are 21 teams.

Although Christian de Pr संचालकdome, director of the Tour de France, and four staff members from four different teams tested positive, last month’s Grande Bochle completed the test without fail.

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