Girl dies due to drowning in well, father alleges murder


Girl dies due to drowning in well, father alleges murder

Uniyara. A 15-year-old girl died of drowning in a well in Mohammadgarh village of police station area. Deputy Superintendent of Police Rajesh Malik said that the deceased’s father Kajod son Gopilal Meena resident Mohammadgarh reported in the report that his 15-year-old daughter was crying at home on October 16 at 5 pm.

On asking the daughter, she told that Narendra son Bhajanlal, Mahendra son Ramkishan both caste Meena resident Mohammadgarh and Dholu Meena resident Mandalia have been chasing Maira for the last 6 months. And forces them to do bad things and sometimes stops the way.

Giving them mobiles and seams forcefully, they said that if you tell the housemates about this incident, then you and your family members will be killed. Will not leave the mouth in the village worth showing. He said that in the report filed by the father of the deceased, another person Rambabu’s son Badrilal Meena has also been mentioned that the said person came home three months ago and beat him and threatened that you will commit such an incident with the girl. That the face will not be able to show.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police said that the father of the deceased came to the police station to report the intention. While three girls from behind hatched a conspiracy and called the girl on the well and pushed her to death. After the report of this effect, Thanadikari Narendra Meena reached Mohammadgarh of Maya Japte.

On Saturday, the post-mortem of the deceased was handed over to the dead family. He also informed that the three boys accused by the father of the deceased are being brought to the police station and are being questioned. On getting information here, Additional Superintendent of Police Vipin Kumar Sharma also reached the spot and inspected the site of the incident. And issued instructions to conduct in-depth research.


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