/Get up to Rs 8.5 lakh discount on your favorite cars, know what kind of offers are available in Navratri

Get up to Rs 8.5 lakh discount on your favorite cars, know what kind of offers are available in Navratri


new Delhi. The luxury automobile giants have made some great offers to attract customers to stem the decline in sales resulting from the Kovid-19 epidemic. Big automobile companies are enticing customers by offering various offers like ‘free insurance’ and ‘service packs’ to increase vehicle sales. Also, discounts of 5 to 8.5 percent are being given on ultra-luxury cars and SUVs. . The discount is being given on the actual cost of vehicles from 2.5 lakh to 8.5 lakh rupees. Apart from discounts, some indirect offers have also been introduced, including attractive financing solutions etc.

Auto loans at less than five percent interest rate
Audi India chief Balbir Singh Dhillon said in a media report that we have started our ‘festive celebration programs’ on some products for this festive season. He said that this included a low interest rate of up to five years. Apart from this, we are making it easy for existing customers to buy back and upgrade their plans through special ‘loyalty and exchange programs’. We have also tied up with banks to provide a lower EMI for customers who wish to purchase a pre-owned (older) car through our ‘Audi Approved Plus’ dealership. He said that we are seeing the positive attitude of customers in the luxury car market and expect it to become even stronger with the upcoming festive season.


Two plus three year extended warranty included
Just before the festive season, the company introduced the Audi Q-2. It is offered with a five-year service package with two plus three-year extended warranty and two-plus three-year road side assistance. This car has been launched with the ‘Complimentary Peace of Mind’ benefit. Along with this, Mercedes-Benz India is also offering attractive financial packages for the festive season with an ‘unlock ceremony’ campaign.

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This is also an attractive offer
The luxury auto maker is offering many benefits to customers, including an EMI below Rs 39,999 for the C-Class. Apart from this, along with the 7.99 per cent ROI offer for C-Class cars, an attractive offer for insurance for the first year is also being offered. Recently the company reported sales of 5,007 units in the period January to September 2020, which is seen as a significant improvement in the Corona epidemic.


Resel solution is getting benefit
Another luxury auto manufacturer, BMW Group India is offering ‘Easy Start’ and ‘BMW 360’, offering multiple financial packages. Under the ‘Easy Start’ program, the company is offering 40% less monthly installments for the first 2.5 years. Apart from this, it is also providing different low interest rates based on different models. The ‘BMW 360’ plan is offering flexible offers with low monthly payments, assured buy-back prices and term options.

Includes a variety of discounts
Apart from this, automobile giant JLR has introduced an attractive ‘Finance Offers EMI’ feature for Land Rover Discovery Sport. ICRA Vice President Ashish Modani said that all leading luxury car OEMs are directly or indirectly offering attractive financing solutions such as direct cash discounts, exchange bonuses, loyalty bonuses. He expected a 40 per cent drop in luxury car volumes during calendar year 2020 due to a decrease in demand due to coronaviruses.